Welcome to the English Summary of the Saukkonen Website!!

Saukkosten sukuseura is an association grounded in 1945 by the members of the Saukkonen "clan" living in Joukio village of Parikkala, Finland. This year we have expanded ourselves online, the result is this website, the objective of which is to promote knowledge between relatives of the times and stories of the Saukkonen family. Currently the English version is under construction and the text is only availabe in Finnish. However soon this will be fixed. In the mean time, like said, we would welcome WARMLY any feedback from our international users. If you have any ideas, requests, own stories, hints for context, information or questions please email the editor of these pages at janne(at)saukkonen.org.

Greetings from Finland,

Janne Saukkonen

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